Have a need for warehouse space in the Lehigh Valley area? We have space available in Wind Gap and Bethlehem, PA.


The warehouse space can be subdivided. If you are interested, please contact us at (800) 643-9322.

Wind Gap features:

  • 36' Ceiling height
  • 35 dock doors, expandable to 65
  • 70 trailer spaces
  • Temperature control 68-72 F
  • 248 parking spaces
  • Fully racked

Bethlehem features:

  • 36' Ceiling height
  • 57 dock doors
  • 2 grade doors @ 12' x 14' ramp to grade
  • 108 auto stalls, 62 trailer stalls
  • ESFR



Warehouse Management

We provide customized operations with a wide range of size and complexity, and have expertise in highly-regulated industries and environments. With award-winning quality, safety and sustainability performance, CJ Logistics is an industry leader in performance optimization systems and practices.

Supply Chain Packaging

Our supply chain packaging solutions include in-network co-packing, production lines, a variety of repacking capabilities and specialized packaging services. Multiple locations across our network with dedicated production space provide supply chain packaging services. We build 14 million+ displays and special configurations annually. We have a broad view and grasp of our customers’ overall supply chain and of retail and end-customer requirements, unlike providers that specialize only in co-packing and packaging.

E-Commerce & Omnichannel

We support manufacturers and retailers across a growing number of channels. Managing fulfillment in the warehouse environment, we help customers realize cost savings, reduce product handling and test pilot programs.

We provide flexible fulfillment and distribution solutions that support manufacturers and retailers in delivering goods across a growing number of channels, connecting sales and supply chain strategies, and supporting e-Commerce growth. Specialized engineering standards for picking environments, material handling equipment and parcel optimization routing systems enable a wide array of options and scenarios that are tailored and adaptable.

Public Warehousing

Our public warehouse solutions provide flexibility for programs with conservative space requirements, pilot projects, overflow, start-ups, transition projects and seasonal fluctuations. Our “campus” approach allows for labor infusions when volume spikes occur, while the public warehousing model also provides the ability to tighten space and labor on a “use-only-what-you-need” basis as well.

Greenfield Warehouse Execution

For a Greenfield site, our comprehensive proprietary start-up process is adapted to meet the scope and complexity of the project. We have the leadership, experience and capabilities to design and implement a Greenfield solution from the ground up, in collaboration with our customer. We manage contractors, design, work with local regulatory agencies, ensure compliance, integrate systems and lead the recruitment of operations teams.

Warehouse Engineering & Automation

Focused on meeting our customers’ needs through innovation, our Engineering function is responsible for solutions creation, implementation and continuous improvement as an operation matures. Our Engineers create optimal, efficient designs and develop dynamic standards to which employees are held accountable in our labor management program. As the customer profile and material handling requirements change, we continue to dynamically model and improve the environment for optimal process flow.

Transportation Management

Our transportation solutions include carrier procurement, carrier relationship management, load planning, shipment tracking and freight payment services, and can be integrated with other transportation solutions such as asset-based, freight forwarding and cross-border services. We also integrate beyond transportation with warehouse management and supply chain packaging solutions. Our integrated processes and technology provide insights and timely and accurate information.

Freight Forwarding

We manage the logistics of international shipments, from ordinary freight to special category freight, using a variety of shipping modes. We provide a full range of services to coordinate the international movement of shipments. With a multilingual North America team fluent in many languages such as English, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Polish and Laosian, our expertise and extensive global network ensure shipments are compliant with regulations and optimized for maximum efficiency.

Retail Consolidation & Requirements

We consolidate shipments from multiple shippers to retailers such as Sam’s Club, Target, Costco, Kroger, Giant Eagle and others. As an approved Walmart 3PL consolidator, our multi-vendor national consolidation program combines orders into full outbound truckloads and coordinates multiple pickups of inbound shipments. We have over 50 years of experience shipping to retailers, and we manage to meet retailers’ unique requirements, such as delivery windows, lead-times and labeling. Our customers benefit from consistent deliveries, hassle-free appointments, shorter transit times, advanced technology, dedicated customer service, freight savings and 24/7 online access to orders and inventory.

Supply Chain Consulting

We provide a variety of consulting services with expertise in supply chain analytics, network modeling, engineering, technology and operations. Our experience serving leading global companies across a wide variety of industries enables our expertise and knowledge of leading practices. We monitor the business environment to mitigate risk, predict change and provide opportunities to gain competitive advantage. Our practitioner advantage ensures feasible, achievable solutions that are actionable and that we stand behind.


"I truly appreciate all of you going above and beyond to help service our customers in need and help us get through some challenging times. Thanks again; you’re the best!"

-CPG Customer



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Customer Value Focused.

Our Engineering and Automation efforts are directed and prioritized based on customer business goals and our drive to create customer value via reducing total system costs, transforming business processes, improving service to customers and facilitating growth and change.


Efficient and Lean.

Our continuous improvement methodology is focused on Customer Value creation and is driven by data. We apply a Lean framework to expose and eliminate waste holistically across the supply chain.

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Engineering applies our innovative end-to-end TES solutions to fuse technology, optimal processes and advanced IT services. Solutions feature Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automation, Advanced Material Handling Equipment (MHE), tuggers, conveyor systems and robotic systems, and industry-specific consulting expertise in modeling, optimization, analytics, design and simulation.



Our Business Intelligence (BI) platform, Foresight, enables real-time visualizations to transform data into intelligence, enabling decisions which improve customer business and operations performance.